Nintendo DS Case with Game Pockets

DS Case with Game Pockets

I carry a gigantic purse with me almost everywhere I go, to the displeasure of most of the people I go places with. I do this because I like to have a lot of stuff on me: my camera, wallet, keys, knitting, mp3 player, brush, cross-stitching, bus maps, and of course, my Nintendo DS with extra games. All are necessary to have with me wherever I may go. Unfortunately, the DS does not get along with the other things in my purse; therefore I decided that it needed its own tiny little home in my bag. To decrease on the amount of things I carry around, the case has a place for game cartridges, because the game case I stuck them all in before took up quite a bit of room. I am also a chronic buyer of novelty yarn that I never use because although I love it on the spool, it never looks good knitted up. This case was the perfect stash busting way to get rid of some of my ribbon yarn, gracefully, by mixing it with an inoffensive plain cotton yarn. You can make this a stash busting project for your own stash by substituting any worsted weight yarn, or any yarn, as long as you adjust for your gauge.

Materials: 1 skein of Rowan Handknit Cotton in Shell
1 skein of Filati FF Karnak in color #3004 Teal, Pink, Orange, Grass
US #8/5mm straight needles
Tapestry needle
Two buttons

Gauge: 16 sts and 24 rows/4"

CO 27 sts with both yarns, or the gauge of your yarn x 6.75 inches
Knit in stockinette stitch for 9” holding both yarns together.
Here, I bound off then picked up 27 stitches from the bind off edge and worked 1 ½” in stockinette, but thinking back a better solution would have been to work a purl row on the rs of the fabric then go back to knitting the rs and purling the ws for another 1 ½”. Either way, BO after 1 ½”.

Pockets: Fold the CO edge 3” up with the wrong sides facing. Mattress seam along the sides of the work to create a pocket for the DS. Fold the 1 ½” after the picked up sts or purl row down and mattress seam long the sides. Use a game cartridge to measure along the top pocket (should be about 6 sts per pocket) and sew vertically, catching the back loop of the stitches from the inside of the pockets to make it invisible.

Pick up 3 sts with the ribbon yarn about 1 ½” from the left side of the front of the top of the case (see picture for a less confusing explanation) plain stockinette (you could do i-cord although it doesn’t really matter here since the stockinette will roll up into a tube anyway) for 8 ¼” or until it wraps comfortably around the case with the DS inside, ending on a wrong side. On the next row: K1, Yo, k2tog to create a button hole. Next row: P 3 sts Next row: BO all sts.
Work the same for right strap.

Sew in ends and attach buttons on top of where you picked up sts for the straps. I didn’t have any buttons so I made makeshift ones by tying the cotton yarn into little bobbles. Optional: attach your favorite cross-stitched video game character to the back. Sprite stitch has a great collection of patterns but 8 to 16 bit video game characters are practically cross stitch patterns by themselves. I just threw a grid on top of Yoshi in Photoshop, making each pixel a stitch, and cross-stitched away.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I can't wait to make one, or two or three.

Sarah said...

i'm still kinda confused as to where I"m picking up the sts for the strap could you show a flat pic of the back side?


Sarah said...

Nevermind, I figured something out, check it out on my blog or on Ravelry.

The Elusive Loo said...

ks for sharing this patter - I will be making one for my sister for Xmas!

google 9/11 truth said...

I am an extreamly noob knitter. (ie, I've knitted 1 dishcloth, and this DS case[or at least something that lookis little bit like it :P]} I was wondering if anyone can answer a question for me. Where teh case closes, the edge that folds over the top(the game poket)...well, mine doesh have that nice crisp edge like yours does and Im assuming it's because I picked teh stitches up in the wrong way when I did that piece? If thats the case, is it just as simple as pulling that row out where teh two peices are joined and knitting it back togethr or do I have to redo that whole top peice? ...im sure this makes no sense...

Thants for such and awesome easy pattern (exxcept my boo boo)

sakuraallie said...

THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! Thanks for posting!

NicoleAlaine said...

I have been looking for my next knit project and this is totally it! I carry my DS with me everywhere (especially since I became addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics). Thanks for posing your pattern! Nicole

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is an amazing pattern, I might slightly modify it for a PSP with teal cotton yarn and that type of cotton yarn with the metallic in it in white, so it has a moonlight look.

sudoku daily said...

Great work but I'm not that patient.


Tina said...

Hi All,
I made this yesterday for my granddaughter. I added a few stitches to the width, so she could fit her charger in it too. That also makes it 5 slots for games instead of 4...I just made 2 crochet chains and attached them at the back so she can tie it closed...She loves it. Thank you so much for the pattern

Anonymous said...

I'm getting my wife a DS for Christmas and this is by far and away the best pattern I've seen yet in my research for a good knitted DS cover :D Thanks for sharing!

amy marie said...

love this pattern! i made one for my niece and now the other one wants one too! would you mind if did a "highlight" on your pattern giving refernce to your blog on my youtube channel peculiaroneknitts? thanks sooo much again for sharing this!

Lauren said...

@amy marie You can absolutely highlight this pattern on your youtube channel. I would love to see the video when you post it, if you could come back and leave a link :)

amy marie said...

thanks so much for letting me use your pattern on my youtube channel! here's the link:
i made a few adjustments as the case i was making was for a dsi xl but, as it turns out, it fits great! thanks again for sharing and for giving me permission to share as well =D many blessings!

amy marie said...

thanks so much for giving me permission to use your pattern on my knitting channel on youtub! here is the link:
i did make a few adjustments as the case i was making was for a dsi xl, but as it turns out, it fits great! thanks again for sharing and for giving me permission to share as well!

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